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Our vast international business culture experience,
offers you security and first time success in difficult markets

Led by Patrick McBride, an Ex-Director General, Advisory Council Member and Cordoba Founder Delegate of the Argentine-British Chamber of Commerce in Buenos Aires, who understands a European no-nonsense approach to business.

An experienced pragmatic achiever with many years’ sales and marketing experience working for Fortune 500 Companies in Europe before setting up his own business as well as over 20 years’ business experience in Latin America. Therefore, not alone knowing the local language, but most important, the difference in business cultures and practices.


We are committed to good service
and motivated by a sense of personal pride in our results

Procurement & Business Services

According to current market needs, Execo Group’s outsourcing services not only allows a considerable reduction in man-hour costs for our customers, but enables them to direct their efforts and activities exclusively to meeting their business priorities and objectives.

Business Consultancy

We offer services to Start–Ups as well as to established Multinationals, whether within or outside of Latin America. We have successfully accompanied business missions from private and public sectors. In some cases in a negotiating capacity, in others, as an observer. Our feedback has proved successful to the point where, in one case, observing a phrase change in a negotiation we saved our client committing to an onerous contract in excess of twenty million dollars.

Procurement & Sales

Outsourcing services makes sense in today’s volatile markets. Semi productive sales forces, delivery truck fleets and all the fixed cost expenses entailed can prove too costly and damage product competitiveness. We operate our own managed representations as well as seeking the most pro-active distributors for your product. Through our assistance, you will have direct invoicing to the chosen distributor so as to avoid often highly inflated middleman percentage mark-ups.


With Experience of working North American and European markets as well as Latin America we are confident of producing positive solutions, whether import or export. We have our trusted international contacts of many years to guarantee success. When delegating certain critical processes, organisations benefit from our resources, knowledge, experience and contacts in key areas, to achieve these objectives more effectively for a previously agreed fee on completion.

“The reputation of any multinational organisation, is only as good as the efficiency of its local representative office.”

Patrick J. McBride

  • Command Centres

  • Tunnel Boring Machines

  • Street Sweepers

  • Green Construction

  • Ambulances

  • ARFF Trucks

  • Armored CIT Trucks

  • Water Cannon Trucks

  • SWAT Trucks

  • Fire Fighting Equipment

  • Cranes & Elevators

  • Fire Fighting Pumpers

  • Rapid Intervention Trucks

Whether you are offering or searching products or looking for a proactive distributor, we are an excellent business partner

Within our managed products group, our distributors can benefit from direct factory pricing and protected territories.
Allowing a transparent interchange between buyer and seller with direct invoicing from source, so as to cut out often exorbitant middle-man percentages that hinder competitiveness.

  • Fire and Rescue Trucks

  • Municipal Vehicles

  • Mining and Tunneling

  • Green Construction

  • Tactical Vehicles

  • Armored Trucks

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